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Tips and Facts

What is prohibited from placement in the dumpster?

Hazardous waste, industrial waste, chemical products, aerosol cans, oils, kitchen appliances, tires, computer equipment, all liquids, medical waste, animals, mattresses, couches, stuffed chairs.
*Note: a charge will be incurred for any prohibited items

How do I protect my driveway?

We encourage you, if you are concerned about cracks or scratches on the concrete, to place 2 sheets of plywood on the ground where dumpster will be placed. We have not had an issue with this in the past and we take great care to ensure the safety of the delivery area, however, cracks and scratches CAN occur. Please note that customer assumes all liability  for damages to all driving surfaces, ground, shrubs, and landscaping around placement site. Please note, most municipalities do not allow dumpsters on public streets so plan to put the container in your driveway or yard.

Changes to my order or request a pickup?

Please call us at 919-669-1212 with any changes or requests as soon as they become known to you. No additional charges are incurred if you call us at least 24 hours in advance of any requested service.

I filled up my dumpster but I am not finished with the project?

Call us at 919-669-1212. We will schedule a "swap out" of your full dumpster and bring you a fresh one. Please note rates are per haul so any additional hauls incur an additional charge.

How much notice does McConnell Waste Systems require for additional or new service?

24 hours is sufficient. We do not operate on weekends or evenings.

What if I order a final pull on my dumpster but I am not ready when the driver reaches me?

An additonal fee of $85 will be incurred as a wasted trip charge and we will reschedule your service at that time.

Do I need to be there when my container arrives or is taken?

Not necessarily. If you can give us a good description of the delivery location, we will do our best to place it accordingly. We do recommend your presence however, as a precaution.

How much can I put in the dumpster?

By law all dumpsters must be tarped to contain debris during transportation, therefore, please do not fill the container beyone the top rim. Note also that there is a 1.5 ton max capacity on 10 cubic yard dumpsters and a 3 ton limit on 15 cubic yarders. Any tonage overages will be charged at $45/ton prorated. On average a 15 yard dumpster with construction or household debris will be roughly 2 tons.

Help! I damaged the dumpster.

Customer is responsible for any damage to dumpster. This includes wet concrete that has dried in the bottom of the dumpster. Repair expenses will be charged to the customer.

Are there any other fees?

We encourge customers to finish their jobs within 2 weeks. We therefore charge $8/day after 2 weeks from delivery date as rent.

I have some yard clean up and some home clean up. Can I put it all in one dumpster?

No. Landscaping debris, construction/demolition debris, and household waste must all go to different landfills. Therefore they cannot be mixed.

How do I prepare my landscaping debris?

Do NOT bag leaves. All landscaping debris must be in natural form. No synthetic material at all! Put heavy items on top of lighter ones to prevent them from blowing out during transportation.

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